About us


About us
Mercypharma was established in 2008 to work in the pharmaceutical industry. The company started its pharmaceutical business on the international GMP standards and plans to be a big player among pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the near future.  We built our state of the art building so we can manufacture oral solid dosage forms and semi-solid dosage forms according to international cGMP standards. Mercypharma intends to expand in the near future to produce all kinds of dosage forms.

Company's policy

We at Mercypharma, manufacture pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplements products aim to:

Achieve excellence and distinction in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplements products in Syrian and international markets, realizing our clients’ need of consuming safe, effective and high quality manufactured medicines with modern technologies at reasonable and competitive prices.  

In order to achieve our goals, we pledge to adhere to:

1- Achieving satisfaction and confidence of the concerned parties by meeting all relevant local, legal and technical requirements according to the following global standards:

- ISO 9001: 2015- Quality Management System,

- ISO 14001: 2015- Environmental Management System and

- ISO 45001: 2018- Occupational Health and Safety Management System

2- Controling of waste, pollution, environmental risks and occupational health and safety risks.

3- Enhancing our role in serving the nation and society at the educational, environmental, health and social levels.

4- Providing and developing human, technical and financial resources necessary to achieve our goals.

5- Continuing improvement of the company's management system.

1- Vision:

Mercypharma is a leading, reliable and distinguished pharmaceutical company locally and internationally.

2- Mission:

We are working hard to enhance our existance in the local market and internationally to promote a distinctive medicine that guarantees a healthy life for every human being and to enhance our role in serving the country on the health levels while protecting the environment free from pollution.

3- Values:

* Respect: We earn respect through our commitment to equal oppurtunities, trust, and integrity in all of our relationships.

* Mercy: We exercise a spirit of mercy in thought and practice in everything we do.

* Excellence: We excel in accomplishing our business and we regularly provide the best quality.

* Integrity: We apply the highest legal and ethical standards at work and on

a personal level among employees.

* Professionalism: We encourage and instill a culture of mutual respect and responsiveness, and work in team spirit with our commercial partners, society and employees.

* Security and Safety: We instill and strengthen a culture of safety and security at the individual and regulatory levels.

* Environmental commitment: We instill and strengthen a culture of preserving an environment free of pollution on the individual and organizational levels


4- Goals:

We always strive to achieve our goals that are oriented towards raising the quality of our products, increasing the scope of local, and international expansion, and working in a completely safe and healthy environment.


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